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Biodiesel B5
Blending 5% of B100 to Diesel will improve the lubricity of Diesel, not only but also the life & efficiency of an Engine.

Biodiesel B5

Lootah Biofuels offers the UAE market, an environmentally superior and performance enhancing diesel blending agent at a highly competitive price.

We offer biodiesel B5, which is ultra low sulphur diesel fuel blended with 5% of Biodiesel. This 5% will act as a lubricant to reduce the carbon footprint & greenhouse gas emissions from the vehicle. We are converting used cooking oil to Biodiesel (B100) and further blending it with high quality ultra low sulphur Petro diesel in the ratio 5:95. The final product is called as B5.

Biodiesel blends

Other blends like B10, B20, B35...etc could be supplied upon request.

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Benefits of B5

Recycling of waste
Renewable source of energy
Reduction in Carbon footprint
Cost Effective
Superior lubricant extending the lifetime of your vehicle engine
No modifications is required in the engine
Health benefits
Energy security benefits
Clean and sustainable fuel

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