biodiesel feedstock
Used Cooking Oil
Lootah Biofuels is collecting Used Cooking Oil (UCO) from
almost all the Hotels & Restaurants in UAE.


Lootah Biofuels has successfully given a practical and viable solution to produce biofuel from Used Cooking Oil. The result is less expensive, renewable and clean fuel
We are one of the biggest UCO collectors authorized by Dubai Municipality and the only one having our own fuel stations across Dubai
We pay for the UCO collected, thus giving an incentive to UCO providers
Our main sources of UCO are restaurants, bakeries, food chains etc.
By efficiently converting UCO waste into biofuel we help the Municipality in disposing UCO waste safely which could have resulted into alarming sewage problems
As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, by converting UCO into fuel we prevent it entering into the food chain again
UCO has the highest carbon saving ratio amongst all the available biodiesel feedstock
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