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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Blending 5% of B100 to Diesel will improve the lubricity of Diesel, not only but also the life & efficiency of an Engine.

Group's Corporate Social Responsibility

S.S. Lootah Group's core philosophy is 'Sustainable Development' and 'Better Quality of Life', based on the guiding principles of the United Arab Emirates. The Group's extraordinary portfolio is built on the core value "Business exists fundamentally to serve people" and includes remarkable non-profit educational institutions. As a national company that strives to support the UAE leadership vision, S.S. Lootah Group integrates sustainability as a core driver of business strategy and objectives and is at the forefront with pioneering projects and initiatives that support national growth and community welfare. The Group strategy continues to be investment; in people, technology, community and the environment.

Awarded First edition of the 'Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport' (DAST) in the 'Conservation of Environment' category for the Group's Green Car program.

Green Car Program - Sustainability Program

The 'Green Car Program' has seen a great progression since inception starting from conversion of part of the company fleet to Compressed Natural Gas, followed by the use of hybrid cars and high mileage vehicles and most recently, electric cars, making Dubai the first city in the Gulf to license electric cars. The Group has further strengthened the Program through MoU with the RTA in 2009 to explore mobility options for the staff members.


To create awareness about sustainable transportation modes
To promote and adopt best and leading practices in mobility management
To reduce harmful emissions and its impact on health and the environment.

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